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Silky eye mask🌛

Silky eye mask🌛

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Sleep is precious to all of us ✨ Do your best so that nothing can interfere with a good night's sleep - mulberry silk eye masks are, for example, one luxuriously soft solution 🌙 .

COMPOSITION: Outer composition 100% mulberry silk, breathable material, filling material: cotton.

Dimensions: 20cm x 9.5cm

-Light and soft on the eyes and eyelashes.

-Enriches every person's sleeping ritual and gives special softness and luxury ✨ The elastic band of the mask fits easily around the head and offers special comfort.

-It also comes with an elegant storage bag, which is also useful when traveling.

-Fully blackout 🌙 .

-A great helper for preventive skin care against rashes and other skin irregularities. -Long lasting, reusable, eco-friendly Gorgeous, lightweight and best quality. a silky eye mask that fits the life of every person who appreciates luxury 🤍 .


•Hand wash with mild shampoo/soap in cool water

• Do not use bleach or fabric softener

•Do not scrub or twist the product, gently squeeze out most of the water when washing and let it air dry

•To last a long time: Do not machine wash, Do not hot water, Do not expose to direct sunlight

Peaceful sleep!

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